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Have been doodling around and check out what i have found.

You probably already knew i guess but still time to refresh our minds a little bit of TOOLS WEEK ON DEVIANT ART.

What about the free tools we can use ?

What is a Flow chart ?

Why i graphic oriented applications very much imported for a deviant?

What has a system analysis has to do with me as a program user?

What is a Tutorial?

How do i choose a tutorial?

How do i choose the right program as a novice user to become a much more of a practical pragmatic user  ?

Am i feeling suited with this program ?

What do i need to know to start with a new or old program ?

What is a statement ?

What is a Variable ?

What is a syntax ?

What is a phrase ?

What is a statement ?

What is a Class ?

What is a Method?

What is a attribute ?

What is a program language ?

how many program languages are used for coding HTML Editors, GAMES, Software , Applications ( portable divices and PC's we daily use ?

What is a bug , debugger or a tester?

Can i learn to code a little bit.

I mean just a little . then add some more and some more until i am unsatisfied to add some more?

Do i need collage , high school , university math to know proper math ?

How is it that i use a program and i don't how to code in one and a billion coding language such as HTML?

I mean all this time i had this opportunity to waist my time with some prom queen porn instead an educational moment me time?
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  • Reading: JAVA for noobs O.O
  • Watching: flow charts
  • Playing: With a flow chart loll
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: JUICE

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Thanks for the favs!
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Nice work.

Can't wait for you next art.
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great work can't wait to see your next project
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great work !
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your welcome keep up the good work Shepard.!
LieutenantSoso Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
Hehe I will xD
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